Train the Trainer

The course will also develop essential training skills and promote a clear understanding of how to teach effectively, leaving you energised and well-equipped to deliver quality training sessions that will draw out the best input from you to get the best results from your audience.

IOSH Train the Trainer Online Course
iso lead auditor training

key benefits

  • It will enhance and develop your knowledge about how to teach effectively
  • It will help you deliver engaging, learner-focused training, to fully maximise the potential of the IOSH training material
  • You can complete the course in six guided learning hours


After completing the course, you are
given a three-part assignment. This
involves delivering a training session
and then completing three short
reflective statements. This gives you
the chance to show how you meet the
performance criteria, enabling you to
apply your knowledge and skills
practically to achieve the course’s
learning outcomest.

Iosh train the trainer online course

Result & Certification

IOSH reviews each assignment, awardsa pass or fail and provides feedback, ifrequired. Successful learners receive an
IOSH certificate by email, which can be downloaded or printed.